Engine Swap

( Late-July 2006 )

So after limping the Omega along for the last couple of months, it was decided that we would sooner swap a V8 into the Omega rather then sink anymore money into the 6. Altho it was my intent to keep 'Slomega' a 6, it just taking too much to limp her along.

In June, I swapped some spare parts I had for a running 350, carb to pan. Altho I haven't heard the 350 run in sometime, I was told it did smoke alittle on startup. So I made the swap for the motor and took a chance. Was just planning on dropping it into the Omega as-is, as nothing could of been worse then the ol'6 which was now barely running.

At the last minute, an opportunity presented itself and I bought an 84 Parisienne off one of my friends whom was basically looking to get rid of the car. I knew this Parisenne had a good strong powertrain in it, and well ... for $300, I thought this to be a good gamble and the Parisienne was full of some other goodies too ...

At first, I was taking pictures to document how to do a 'L6 to V8 Swap' and I pretty much kept on track ...

WARNING: The following section houses A TON of pictures, as I have been very good and taking pictures at every possible step .... Hope you have alot of time !!!

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A quick thank you to Shelly, whom lent me her garage for a couple of days for me to complete this project. A couple last shots of the Omega with the 6 in it.

We start by disconnected the battery and draining some fluids.

Disconnect the fuel line from the pump and block it. I then begin the task of removing the wiring from the igntion system and starter.

Disconnect and remove the alternator and take apart the cooling system. Also moved all the old wiring out of the way too.

Might be an idea to remove the driveshaft. Had to be careful that the caps don't come off the u-joints. Used some electrical tape to tape up the end and keep the joint together.

LUNCH TIME!. Lunch consists of a Meduim 2 topping pick-up special and 2L coke from Dominos. I ordered my usual double-pepperoni.
Got the exhaust all unhooked. Time to go pickup the donor car. Bought an 84 Parisienne from a friend for $300. Originally thinking the Parisienne might have a 350 because it seemed quite pippy, but after running the numbers, it was just a 305. I bought this car because I knew how the powertrain ran and it purred. There was literally no valve train noise. It ran that quietly and smooth.

The motor & tranny in the Omega are ready for the pulling. Quickly swap cars around and begin to disassemble the Parisienne.

The tear-down of the parisienne continues ...

I owe my girlfriend Amanda a big thanks for driving me out to Selkirk to pick up my engine hoist. Bolt it all together.
Motor & Tranny in the Parisienne are ready to be pulled.

Here we are, with the donor motor & tranny. Turned out the tranny in the Parisienne was a 700r4. SWEET!, but as sweet as it is, I decided to stick with the TH350 from the old powertrain.

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