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My friend Clint came out to give me a hand with the project. First before we pull out the Omega motor & tranny, with the use of a angler grinder and a hammer, Clint pulls out the old exhaust.

Attach the engine balancing bar to the jack and begin the extract the old motor. As we're pulling it out, this gives us some room to unbolt the wire harness holders from the back of the motor.

Almost out of there. There she is, the ol' 250 L6. (Can't say I won't be happy to see it gone.)
We pulled the tranny out at the same time, as it is SO MUCH easier then trying to connect them up in the car.

Checkout the old transmission, ... LOOK CLOSER!, Dual Bolt Pattern, WOO-HOO!!
Did we ever make a mess pulling out the motor & tranny, spilling lots of tranny fluid onto the floor in the garage. We threw down some sand and rags to soak it up.

We're a messy bunch. (Sorry Shelly, I'll clean it up!!). After seperating the transmissions from their motors, we kept with the TH350 for the Omega, as I was trying to keep costs down and well, didn't feel like the hassle of changing over to a 700r4 at the moment.
We also swapped over flexplates, as the one on the 305 are some marks on it, and the old one from the 250 was in perfect shape. The one from the 305 will probably go to that 350 I acquired.

A picture of the original manifolds which we will switch with a set from an old 74 Nova Parts car I once had without the air-tube pipes.
We modified the original PS & AC brackets so that I could use the original pump still, as I couldn't get the lines undone from the old pump.

Where would we be, if I didn't shed a little blood on another car project. We attach the TH350 to the 305 and get ready to drop it in.

A pic of the 700r4, which I gave to Clint to use for his truck project. I wouldn't of gotten this done so fast or as easily without his help! ... Thanks Clint!
Took a quick shot of the casting number of the block. #14010203 - SBC 305ci

In with the new motor. Didn't have much trouble lining it up at all ... it went in pretty good. Unfortunely when we pulled the 250 & tranny out, we damaged the tranny lines, infact one of the lines twisted and snapped with disconnected it from the rad. Couldn't break it loose for the life of me, so we decided to use the ones from the Parisienne.

Before lowering the motor ALL the way in, we paused to bolt up the wiring clips as well as the metal tube which protects the starter wires. Lowered it the rest of the way and secure it with the motor mount bolts.

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