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CHOW TIME!, had to bribe Brandan with pizza to come over and give me a hand with the tranny lines. We broke/bent the original ones when pulling the 250, so I planned to use the ones from the Parisienne. The ones from the Parisienne were a little too long, so we needed to shorten them alittle.
OH!, this time we order pizza from Presto Pizza on St. Annes, along with a 2L of Coke & Sprite to wash it down.

So we cut the tranny lines down abit, but we ended up having a hell of a time using the flaring kit. The lines kept sliding tho the flaring bracket.

So after an hour or so of screwing around, we simply cut the lines and inserted a piece of rubber hose inbetween which solved our problem.

Cooling system is all together, new rad hoses installed and distributor is now all wired up and ready to go.

Thanks to my friend Dave F. who restudded my old manifolds for me, and it was cheap too ... costed me a couple of pizzas. Installed the manifolds and starting putting some fluids back into the car.
One problem I forgot to take a picture of was the drivers manifold hitting the power steering hoses. DAMN POWER STEERING!!!, so instead of wasting more time with it, I just tied it off to the side for the moment. I'll rebend the hoses a little later.

Filled the radiator up with anti-freeze. Got a set of NGK UR4 plugs, gapping them to .045 and installing them.

Put the clutch fan back on, I plan on replacing this with a 6 blade flex fan. Belts are all tight .... do a once over everything and now it's time to see if she'll start.

After a few turns, the Omega roars to life, however it's having some issues running. I turned up the idle alittle to keep it running. Running the 305 with open manifolds is loud.

It's done!, the Omega now has a small block 305 in it. Altho it's not running super smooth, it runs never-the-less. Running the car with open manifolds sure is loud.

Jay keeps his foot on the gas to keep the engine running as we tried to warm it up abit to add more anti-freeze. Notice the GEN light is on ... DAMN! We ended up swapping the alternator from the old 250 back into the 305, as the one from the Parisienne was no good.

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